Hello world!

Isnt it funny how a sunny day sat on your deck can prompt you into action.  I’m finally starting my first blog.  For those of you not yet in your mid forties, I wanted to tell you how it’s working for me so far.  For those of you in your mid forties already, maybe you can already relate to some of the things I’m going through, but here it is for me.  I’m at a point in my life where I’m challenging myself in new areas. For example, I’m sat on my front deck in the sun wearing what I call my ‘Daisy Dukes’ shorts.  Oh I’m not a pretty sight for sure, gone are the days where I had good legs to walk down the street in short skirts or short shorts, but today I’m brave enough to sit on the deck in them. That’s a start! When it’s time to walk the pup ( more about him another day), I’ll change into my longer shorts.  I’ve been growing my hair too, (no, not in the time I’ve been sat on the deck) I kind of decided in 2013 to start growing my hair. WTH….I’ve not had long hair since I was 12! So is this a midlife crisis or a ‘I’m getting comfortable in my own self’? Whatever, I’m enjoying using round brushes, curling irons, hair bands and tying it up into a ponytail.

Exercise!!! …yip, I said it. However, I’m not someone who just decided in her mid forties to start exercise, I’ve always liked working out at the gym…no, I’ve decided NOW to change it up, and boy! Do I wish I had started earlier. So, all you reading this who are not in their forties yet, get started or you could end up like me…prone to injuries. I’m into yoga (BIG TIME), I started treadmill running, using free weights, spin biking and the less painful (you would think), meditation.  Who knew you could stop being able to bend forward with ease!!!  Who knew a medicine ball could actually be the worst medicine for a rotator cuff!! Who knew anything higher than 4.5 on a treadmill could feel like an uphill sprint!!! Jeeze, it’s tough at this age but I’m not a quitter.

ill return with an update of my workout progress soon, but next time I’ll tell you all about my career change, and where my head is….I gotta tell you. It’s not where I’d thought it would be 😉